Dr. Mark has a regular practice in Chinese Medicine Dermatology, specializing specifically in the area of Topical Steroid Withdrawal, which he has been treating since late-2013.

Advice regarding recovery from TSW is done is given based on the patient’s history and current presentation. Even though Chinese herbs are prescribed and acupuncture is being done, Dr. Mark has worked with naturopaths, medical doctors, and even lymphatic drainage specialists when appropriate.

He holds a PhD doctorate in Chinese Medicine and his thesis was on the use of Chinese herbs to treat Steroid-Dependent Eczema.

Apart from eczema and TSW, patients come in to get treatment for Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Pityriasis Versicolor, Pityriasis Rosea, Oral and Genital Herpes, Herpes Zoster, Lichen Simplex as well as Acne-Rosacea. 

tsw skin sheds loads

The above image is an apt representation of TSW to those who live it.

TSW Weepy Lesions all over Body

“At what was perhaps the lowest point in my life, my skin seemed to exist in a liquefied state and looked like molten lava. I joined a TSW Facebook group in a desperate search for support, and through the group, I was introduced to Mark. I was initially skeptical, because I had seen TCM physicians at Chung Hwa Free Clinic before, and their medicines had no discernible effect on my TSW. However, I decided that I had nothing to lose and booked an appointment.

During my initial consultation, Mark impressed me with his knowledge of the TSW condition and his attitude of openness. While the Western and TCM doctors that I had seen were resistant towards the idea of TSW and showed an unwillingness to learn, Mark was making notes of each patient’s progress to constantly improve on his treatment methods.

Furthermore, based on our conversation, it was clear that Mark had in-depth knowledge of Western medicine and had studied it to some extent. This was a stark difference from how most doctors remain entrenched in their thinking; Western doctors typically have little to no knowledge of TCM, and TCM doctors tend to have a poor understanding of Western medicine.

Mark started me on orally consumed herbs, and along the way, we made many observations about the progress of my condition and tried various approaches. To help to dry my oozing skin, he recommended herbal washes that helped my upper body and lower limbs regain some semblance of normalcy.

He also constantly tweaked the oral herbal concoction in response to new problems; for example, my eyes began to secrete excessive amounts of green mucus as they recovered from years of steroid eye-drop applications and steroid injections to my eyelids. To help to ease the discomfort, he changed the herbal mixture to calm the inflammation in my eyes and allow me to recover some of my vision.

While my journey of 2.5 years is far from over, my upper body is much better now, and I can sweat in the humid and terrible local weather without feeling like I want to rip my skin off my body. I have watched how my skin thickened and regrew after decades of misguided steroid overuse.

My skin has stopped oozing, and now the main problem areas are my feet, which bleed a lot but are slowly and surely improving. Mark was incredible, as he predicted that my feet would be the last to heal, even though I had not applied many steroids there. The reasoning behind this is simple: when blood circulates around the body, most of the steroids are deposited in the feet and remain there due to gravity.

It was a dark and hellish experience, but Mark helped not only as a doctor, but as a confidante as well. He understood clearly the mental challenges that TSW patients face, and he even recommended for me to see a friend of his to help with my emotional issues. Unlike some doctors from the National Skin Centre, Mark sees each patient as a human instead of a case to be handled. He would request for frequent updates on my condition, and he asked me to email him as often as possible so that he would have a better understanding of my progress and help me more effectively.

I must admit that I was one of his more terrible patients. I didn’t update him much, and due to my pitiful attempts to continue schooling (I eventually took a Leave of Absence from university), I kept rescheduling our appointments, but Mark gracefully bore all of these with understanding and forgiveness. Doctors like him are truly a rarity, and I believe that his efforts as a pioneer will help TSW patients obtain tangible relief as more people become aware of the existence of this condition. Thank you, Mark.”

– RS, Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Erythematoedematous Subtype after 6 Months of Treatment)

TSW with Swelling & Chills

“I started seeing Mark at my 4th month of TSW mainly for the edema on my feet. I have heard about how Mark has helped some TSW patients with their condition and had seen good results, and so that encouraged me to get help from him. Other than that, I am very comfortable with the fact that Mark’s treatment and herbs are all non-steroidal, so I know I can safely let him treat me.

With the weekly treatment sessions for consecutively 2.5 months, I began to see improvements. Each week, Mark would diagnose my condition, did acupuncture treatment and prescribed me with herbs to take.

He would also make sure that I provide updates via email every mid-week so that he could monitor whether the treatments and herbs worked. What I liked was that the herbs prescribed by Mark was carefully selected according to my body’s need, and as my body is usually heaty, he would give me herbs that would help with the flare ups and to cool my body down. Mark also advised me to avoid wheat, and to drink more coconut water or cooling drinks.

Occasionally, we would also do blood-letting to help with the itchiness. Now at the 7.5th month of my TSW, the edema on the feet and calves had since gone away, although there are still some slight noticeable edema at the ankles area, I feel that my feet’s doing so much better and I could walk normally again. Other than the edema on the feet, the skin on the top area of my feet was also raw and oozing with blood from the skin cracks.

Besides the acupuncture treatment, back home, I used The Home Apothecary’s Zinc Balm Paste which also helped to heal the broken skin and it has not ooze since. The skin is not normal and smooth yet, but the improvements were great.

Also, the body chills which I felt in the beginning months of TSW has since gone away too. My sleep and appetite have also improved. I could function better on the whole. Mark not only tackles the skin issues I have, he also made sure my overall health is in check. It was always easy and comfortable talking to him, most importantly, I felt that he could truly understand the pain and agony that we (TSW patients) are going through and is very willing to listen.

There’s still a long way for me to be fully healed, but I know I can always count on Mark if I need any help or advise in future. Thanks again, Mark!”

– KT, Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Post-flare Edema and Chills)

TSW Spread from one spot on Foot

Been a while. I’m still doing good and thought i should update you again.

My legs are doing gd. Just that the initial patch on my left front ankle that started the mess is just there and refuse to leave. It feel itchy at time and i just moisturise it. No weeping. Jus a white patch there. So far no problem from it.

Looking at my legs now, i will never dare to think of i will get this far when i consult you for the first time.

Thank you for helping me in this TSW journey. 🙂

– C. C., Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, right lower limb flare from one single lesion on outside ankle)

TSW with Pompholyx Eczema Resolved!

I have had moderate to severe pompholyx all throughout my twenties. After a remission of 2 years, the pompholyx eczema returned, worse than ever (I suspect Topical Steroid Withdrawal had a part to play). It had spread all over the back of my hands. They looked disgusting and awful, and my fingers were so swollen I couldn’t open or close them. I was miserable and life came to a halt because I couldn’t do anything without excruciating pain – not even simple things like washing my hair, brushing my teeth, or eating.

I have never been one to turn to TCM treatments, but after learning about TSW, I decided to put a stop to steroid usage once and for all, and seek an alternative treatment. At this point, i came across Mark on the internet and decided to give it a shot.

It was the best decision I’ve had ever made.

Within 4 weeks of herbs and 4 acupuncture sessions, I regained use of my hands again. The bleeding, peeling, cracking and blistering were largely gone. The inflammation had receded and I could touch and hold things at last. I am now 6 weeks in and my hands are 80% healed. I no longer need to take herbs, and will have acupuncture just once a month. I can’t be any more grateful to Mark and my acupuncturist Tricia for returning my life to me again – the ability to hold and touch things with my hands is priceless, and no price is too high to pay for this.

Healing is also an emotional and mental process, and Mark and Tricia have been there with me every painful step of the way. The emotional support they gave to me really helped ease my anxieties and worries, and pulled me through the first few weeks of treatment when things were at its worst.

Thank you Mark, my hubby calls you 神医 now. And Tricia, the cutest acupuncturist you’ll ever meet, who never fails to make me laugh even when I should be in much pain from her needles. The both of you have me and my family’s deepest and most sincere gratitude!

– Ling, Singapore (Bilateral Pompholyx/Dyshidrotic Eczema)

TSW: Cold Turkey until Recovery!

“Background: I have been a long term user of topical and oral steroids, in a futile attempt to cure myself of eczema… In Jan 2015, as part of my continuous quest to explore new cures, I chanced upon a blog describing steroids induced eczema.. And it dawned on me that my ever aggravating eczema was in fact a self-inflicted ailment through my prolonged ‘abuse’ of topical steroids.

Outburst of TSW: Determined to get better, I went ‘cold turkey’ on topical steroids without fully understanding the repercussions… the three weeks which ensued was easily the most trying period of my life.. And day after day, my iron resolve to be topical steroids free slowly watered away..

The many symptoms of TSW creeped over my body threatening to incapacitate me. My full body was covered with intensely itchy rashes… all major joints in my body (neck, elbows, knees, ankles) was covered in thousands of vesicles which oozes badly and the skin in those areas tears upon the lightest scratch… there was major edema on my legs and feet to the extent of being unable to fit into most of my shoes… and I suffered from an internal chill which cannot be alleviated regardless of the number of layers I am wearing!… needless to say I was also donning the red sleeves of inflammation on my arms and suffering from insomnia.

Mark’s Treatment and Results: I started consultation with Mark when I was about 4 weeks into TSW, on a weekly basis. By then, I was on a high dosage of prednisolone, as an interim solution to find some respite in my suffering. Mark adopted an approach which dealt with the problem both externally and internally. His internal measures included the use of oral herbs for consumption, and acupuncture to stimulate and soothe the nervous system. While externally, he applied “bleeding” on highly inflamed areas as well as a prescription of herbal washes for areas with oozing vesicles and inflammation.

The results of the treatment was phenomenal. Within less than 2 months, I was out of the acute phase of TSW. Majority of my rashes including my ‘red sleeve’ has dried out and peeled off. Sleep was slowly returning to normal, and my body’s ability to regulate heat had begun to improve, episodes of uncontrollable chills was on the fast decline. The only persisting symptoms till now was the oozing and itchy vesicles inflicted on my joints.

What Distinguishes Mark from Other Practitioners: Mark does not take a ‘one size fit all’ approach, his treatment is highly customized to my body type, progress and symptoms at different point in time. The herbs, acupuncture and washes which he administers differs on a week to week basis, and he also tailored the herbs as he knows that I am tapering down on prednisolone.

In addition to treating my TSW symptoms, Mark also kept a look out for my overall wellbeing, which I believe attributed majorly to my fast progress. He recommend the juicing of herbs which are high in antioxidants, offered advice on my dietary intake and even prescribe herbs to help support my weak stomach and digestive system.

Unlike most practitioners whereby consultation only takes place within the premise of the clinic, Mark stays very connected with his patients throughout the week. At the beginning, I was required to provide a daily update on my progress.. Which eventually became a mid-week update as my condition stabilizes. From the daily updates, Mark will provide advice on any additional measures which can be undertaken to deal with the conditions.”

– TTG, Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Red Skin Syndrome)

TSW Recovered (2013 Case)

I started topical steroids withdrawal (TSW) on 02 December 2013, and started seeing Mark two weeks later to cope with the withdrawal. It was great because he already had an idea what was TSW about and we were able to communicate in English which made it so much easier for me.

When I first saw him, i was already in the middle of my first flare. There were alot of redness and swelling all over my body, and my calves and face took the hit badly. It was to the extent i couldnt really walk properly, not to mention, very self conscious as well. I saw Mark on a weekly basis, pretty intense but each time I saw him, i had a bit of improvements to report.

HERBS: Mark gave me herbs to get rid of the “dampness” in my body, and was asked to take the herbs three times daily. Two months on, the redness significantly reduced and my body isnt that swollen as badly as the first month. Over a period of two months, the redness subsided quite significantly especially on my inner legs, my arms, neck and chest area.

I went through cold turkey (literally!) initially where i shivered at the slightest bit of wind, and had to use three layers of clothings to cover myself in the office. I felt so chilly on the outside, but my body was burning-hot to touch. It was so much easier to cope after the weekly sessions with Mark and the herbs that he provided.

I have just “celebrated” my third month with TSW and these days, i feel like i can function better. Coping so much better with my skin, though still very dry (I guess because the dampness is slowly eliminating from my body). Redness is still a little bit but swelling has gone done significantly, especially on the face.

WASHES: Apart from herbs, I was asked to wash myself with herbs as well. The herbs helped to soothe the itch as it had a bit of “minty” feel. To be honest, i believe the washes helped even though it was a very slow gradual process.

ACUPUNCTURE: Into my 1.5-2 months mark, Mark introduced acupuncture as treatment. I remembered he taught me how to concentrate on certain points where the needles were on my body and null me to sleep ( it was so hard to sleep at night because of the intense itch especially at night. Has got to do with the cortisol levels or some sort). It definitely helped and I practise it every night. I believe the acupuncture helped with the itch management as well. The scratching has reduced quite significantly compared to the first – second month.

Again, three months steriod-free, sleep is easier now too.

OTHER WAYS APART FROM TCM: He encouraged me to go on gluten-free diet, so no more cakes/bread/biscuits which all had wheat in them – my weakness! He recommended incorporating more vegetables into the diet and especially drinking barley water as well as eating mung bean soup. He also recommended juicing and also eating fruits like pomegranate.

RESULTS: 03 March was my third month being steroid-free and my skin is easier to cope. I can sleep better, function better. Scratching has gone down ALOT – I used to scratch myself crazy after bath times (Rubbing my skin and watching the skin flakes go).. now i can calmly apply my moisturiser (Maya Eczema Cream) and put on my clothes without going to a frenzy. I’m able to sleep into the night without waking up as often as before. I am also very relieved and happy to report that i no longer experience chills (no more shivering crazily in the office).

My skin is stronger! I often make jokes that I’m like a mini-wolverine, i heal faster these days. Example, if i had an open wound, it will turn into scab after 2 days (steroid creams never gave me that kind of result.) When i scratch now, it also doesnt break as easily as my first month of TSW. You can also tell by the photos (I attached them, you can use them) that there are improvements aesthetically.

I’ve seen other TCMs before and their herbal concoction always gives me a bad reaction – that is why I was a little afraid to visit Mark for the first time. I was worried of the adverse effects. So far, Mark’s herbal concoction has been safe for me. And also, most of them (TCM practitioners) arent willing/or have the time to hear you out! They just make you sit, feel your pulse, show your tongue and you’re done with the consultation.

Mark changed my perspective on TCM Practitioners (Plus, we can converse in English!). He’s been such a great help during this difficult time of my life. Going through TSW is not easy.. it just takes a toll on you and your care-givers.

Mark’s very patient and empathetic – sometimes you just need someone to hear out your frustrations; and Mark’s great at that. He’s a listener and offers good and encouraging advices along the way. Not to mention, he has a heart.

Not many doctors will request for a “mid-week” update on your condition via email. 🙂 Thank you, Mark! My weekly sessions with you are not a chore, it feels pretty much like a friend popping by to visit! Let’s keep fighting TSW!”

– QR, Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Initial flare)

TSW, first Bioresonance, then TCM

“I have been using steroids for 3 years. I started TSW in March 2013 and I went to bioresonance therapy from March 2013 to June 2013. Going for that therapy help quicken the flaring process so there’s a flare almost every week. Within these few months is I am oozing a lot from the neck, face and all the limb nodes.

My meals are all home cooked food and due to my self conscious I didn’t step out of the house until mid August. I only went out once a week for the bioresonance therapy and straight back home. The therapist intro me to the ITSAN group and Olive, and I knew Grace through Olive.

During December 2013 I was invited to a support group gathering, so from there I know Mark the physician. He used TCM to treat me and other patients with same condition as me from the Facebook help group.

Physician Mark treated me using different like acupuncture, some moving the qi method and a Chinese herb bath. Technically its like soaking my affected area in Chinese herbs. The soaking method have done huge improvement to my skin. The soak took a lot of trial and error with Mark to make it suit my condition. I used the soaking method mainly on my face, hands and feet.

Before I knew Mark I also went to see Chinese doctor. He just gave me Chinese medicine to drink and acupuncture with electricity on the ears. It help me a little. When I first see Mark, he gave me Chinese herbs to take 3 times a day but after 3 months its reduced to twice a day.

Mark suggested that my mother should do juicing for me and I’m thankful for that. ^^ Supplements I’m taking now is 2 tablet of olive forte and 1 tablet of lacto gg in the morning. The end results up to today is that I think i completely stop oozing and itch was reduced by 75-90%. I now also feel better going out.”

– B. L., Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Resolution of Unresolved Red-skin Syndrome)

TSW, Face Swell, Eye Swell

I had a very bad TSW ( topical steroid withdrawal ) flare in March. My face swelled almost beyond recognition and my eyes were very swollen. My limbs were oozing badly as I had blistery rashes. As I was due to travel in less than 2 weeks time, my hubby thought why not try TCM for my rashes as I was against steroids treatment. Mark’s name was mentioned in a TSW support group hence we decided to try him out.

I saw him every Wednesday weekly for about 6 weeks. Each week he would feel my pulse, see my tongue, ask me questions etc. I also opted for acupuncture treatment even though I hate needles , but the will to recover quickly won my fear over. He also gave me herbal powder to take and herbs to wash my oozing rashes.

I did everything he told me to, and about 3 days after I first saw him, my face recovered, no more swelling and oozing. My facial quick recovery gave me hope to press on with the brewing of herbs and taking medicines religiously. And I managed to go for my trip and not disappoint my friends again as I could not go for the trip last year.

Yay! I really need to get out of my house then. God knows how many times I cried over the suffering. My whole body was constantly itchy especially at night with painful burning sensation. I oozed so badly my semi dead skin stuck to my clothing and bed sheets.

Please don’t get me wrong. My recovery path was not a miraculous one but simply quicker than usual. I simply felt better each day and I also see improvements little by little each day after seeing Mark. TCM is definitely not a get well quick approach. But it does help a lot if one has the patience and determination to get well with its help.

Frankly, I was very disciplined with my diet then. I started my day with warm lemon water and manuka honey. Breakfast was oatmeal with chia seeds and goji berries. My meals mostly comprised of lots of raw fruits and vegetables (mostly organic).

I also took chlorella, spirulina, olive extract and probiotics supplements. Nothing synthetic, all natural. I didn’t eat any other meat except steam fish and occasional pork. I was always eating my food raw or I would steam or broil my food with garlic and sea salt seasoning . I also drank 3 cups of organic roobois tea a day.

I could carry on with my normal daily routines after 2 sessions with Mark. In my opinion , my healthy diet coupled with TCM accelerated my recovery. I have stopped seeing Mark as he agreed that I can heal fully with my clean diet alone now.

A side note : my diet isn’t as strict as I am out and about now. I am also constantly meeting my friends and family as I have been missing out on my fun for too long. I’m no longer flaring badly despite me eating almost everything and anything. So I guess TCM does help strengthen my immune system.

Mark is a modern Chinese medicine practitioner who doesn’t resemble those Chinese doctors you would see on tv. He is constantly asking for updates of my condition via email and he’s quick to respond if you have any questions for him.

I was with another famous TCM practitioner prior to seeing Mark. She’s good at what she’s doing however she always has the “I know best” attitude which I detest. So I quit seeing her after 2 sessions.

Mark although is younger, definitely make it up by his willingness to listen and understanding his patients’ needs. His consultation is always one to one, so you will not be rushed during the consultation.

Good luck to everyone! And recover quickly!

– G. C., Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Management of Flare)

TSW Tapered Withdrawal Strategy

I started seeing TCM Mark in Jan’14 with the intention to taper off steroid usage (TSW) as I was too afraid to go cold turkey, having tried for one month in Mar’13. I was really exhausted from my various attempts at tampering through all sorts of supplements. As such, I went in for the TCM sessions as almost my last lifeline.

We spent some time correcting my body constituition (both heat and dampness as I understand it) over the next few months. Mark also treated me for my knee pain and wrist injury at the same time, which I could see results in about 2 weeks.

At his advice, I started eliminating wheat from my diet and I could see an improvement in the intensity of the inflammation through the skin. I mean, I hardly see TCMs advising patients to stay off wheat..they usually say no cold food, no heaty food, no chilli etc etc…. he was definitely the nonconventional TCM doctor.

And the fact that I could speak English to him helped a lot! I didn’t have to understand those Chinese technical jargons typically used by TCMs.

With the herbs and weekly acupuncture sessions, there was a dramatic reduction in itch and I could sleep better. The flares were also getting less hot and intense but were still spreading, starting from my legs to my abdomen, back and neck.

He was also checking in constantly on the progress and the response to the herbs. This enabled him to give advice on dosage etc etc…

In May’14, we started doing bleeding on the inflamed areas and they helped TREMENDOUSLY. The first spots we did were on my back and on that same night, it felt much cooler to sleep, I didn’t feel as if I was sleeping on a permanent heatpad…

I could see the results that immediately and was bought over by the bleeding idea. Though painful, I felt it was worth it. I increased my visits to 2x a week to deal with the inflammation through acupuncture and bleeding and it managed to help me reduce steroid usage, which was my end objective.

In Jun’14, I felt I was ready to go off steroids 100% with the results of bleeding and acupuncture. We upped the dosage of the herbs and the arrangement worked seamlessly!

It is going to be a long journey ahead but I know Mark will be there to support and help in all the ways he can.

– S. A., Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Tapered Withdrawal with TCM Intervention)

TSW, comes from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore for Treatment

“I’ve been using steroids for more than 10 years, with daily usage on my face and decided to stop using since Jan 2015. Like every other patients who go through TSW (topical steroid withdrawal), I get flares all over my face and body, oozing and swelling face for few months and itchiness that disturbs my sleep routine.

Found Mark through recommendation and started seeing him since May 2015. Acupuncture treatment works very well for me! It calms down the flare after treatment, when each time it flares up, it becomes less severe.

Of course, with the help of the herbs that Mark prepares based on my condition, my skin is finally healing! He also did helped me to “remove blood” on inflamed areas such as shoulder, inner arms and back of my knee, the results are very good too.

Mark has the patience to listen to my problems and he is also a very detailed person. On each treatment, he works on different areas and he is never in a rush job in the treatment and consultation.

Other than acupuncture and herbs, Mark also recommends me to remove certain food from my diet which I find it very helpful. After each treatment, he checks on my condition closely through online consultation whereby I will provide him daily update on my condition.

I’ve started off with weekly consultation with Mark, followed by 10 days gap after 1-2 months. Now (after 3 months), the follow up consultation is on a monthly basis. It is definitely worth the trip to travel from KL to Singapore to seek for his consultation.

– GLGOH, Kuala Lumpur (Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Facial and Perioral Dermatitis)

Whole Body TSW, using Cyclosporine

Very lucky that my TSW is not taking too Long with help of Mark. Words cannot describe how thankful and Glad I feel to be able to meet someone’s treatment which suits me well.

I am suffering from Eczema since baby. It goes from bad to worst as I grow older especially after I become a Mother. Was being told that I have 2 chance to recover :- first when manses is here during puberty or after you delivered a baby. Unfortunately after both stages my situation only turns terrible!
I have been taking steroids for life. Oral creams japs you name it.

After I delivered my 1st child my condition flare badly. I went to see dermatitis and undergo treatment with phototherapy (3x a week) then I stopped steroid but continue with MTX. I gets better during then. After I stopped discharged and delivered my 2nd child, everything back to square one and went worst of my life. I then went back to the same doc and undergo the same treatment thinking I will get better like last time. The fact is disappointing.

The doc then asked me to change Med to cyclosporine but it can only take for 1 year. But he guaranteed I will be pretty and nice. I start asking myself, so what’s next? When cyclosporine lost effect on me, what’s next then??? The end of the world??

I then check and read up on TSW. I went cold turkey with prednisolone. My face starts swelling up badly and starts oozing after day 3. From some recommendation of other TSW warrior I contacted Mark and decided to turn to TCM. What can be worst than now? That’s what in my mind back then.

Mark came by as a saver to me. I cried badly during some session of the acupuncture or blood released. Pain is the word during my weekly session but importantly result is shown. He is patience detailed and have passion in his job.

He customised herbs to individual need and check on me often and requested me to update him as often I can. My herb was changed weekly to suit my body need.

After seeing him, everything gets better, the peeling off and oozing stopped and left with some redness only. Itch level is reduce tremendously and sleep gets better.

I had frequent chills and body ache earlier on and needed Panadol weekly but Mark’s treatment cut it off. He also at the same time helped me on my migraine and manses. Which doc treat you for everything at the same time?

Also he support breastfeeding so I can continue giving the best to my Son. Best part of it is I start losing weight.

Eczema cannot be cured. But I want to bring you to the stage where you able to self manage, know ur body well and how and what to do when you face your next flare (if there is any). This is what Mark tells me. And this is where I am now.

His treatment might or might not suit you. Give a try else you will not know. Everything works both ways. You need to trust him in order for him to help you. Good luck and all the best!

– J.T., Singapore (Facial and Peri-oral eczema, Topical Steroid Withdrawal)

TSW, Facial Eczema, using MTX

Mark has good experience with managing eczema through herbs, diet and acupuncture. He provides good support to patients- we could write to him for advise/ feedback throughout the week.

My situation: Prior to July 2015, I was managing my eczema through western medication (MTX, topical steroid creams and Protopic). I had to stop this treatment due to elevated liver readings caused by the MTX.

Subsequently, from Aug 2015, I turned to TCM Mark for help to manage my worsening eczema- redness (inflammation)/ peeling skin/ chills/ swells/ oozing.

I was given herbs to help with alopecia (hair loss), reduction of inflammation in the body and on the skin, and to dry up wounds. Healing was gradual.

About 3 weeks after coming for treatments, redness had reduced from 10/10 to 7/10. Swelling had reduced to 3/10.
By 7 weeks, skin started feeling thicker/stronger.
By 9 weeks, traveling to Taiwan for work was more manageable. But still feeling weak.
By 13 weeks, body still feels cold but sweating more.
By 16 weeks, energy is now good and can travel more frequently.

Only thing that remains is sleep not good, otherwise, the recovery is slow but is happening.

– R.L., Singapore (Facial Eczema with Red Skin Syndrome)

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