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Treatment of Measles vs. Treatment of TSW

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One day when Danxi and his nephew were on their way home from a patient visit, they passed by a pond and saw a girl washing clothes in the water. Danxi had a glimpse at the girl and said to himself, “It is difficult to save a life, it is difficult.” His nephew asked, “Uncle, who do you want to rescue?” Danxi said, ” if you are bold enough, go to where the girl is without letting her know, then hold her from her back very tightly and quickly move her to the road.”

The nephew knew his uncle very well and just did as he said. He quietly walked from behind, grabbed the girl and dragged her to the road. The girl was kicking and screaming and almost kicked Danxi’s nephew in the face. “Help! Help! You idiot! Let me go!” The villagers came out to see what happened.

Danxi said to the people, “Listen, everyone! Who is the girl’s father?” The father answer, “I am.” Danxi explained, “Brother, we did so because I know that your daughter has disease inside her body. If we don’t get it out as soon as possible, her life is at risk. Can you ask your daughter if she has a fever and feeling not right?” That girl nodded.

“This is Measles,” Danxi explained. “It is already 3 days, and the measles pathogen is still inside the body, unable to exit. If we don’t get it out of the body, she will die. So I asked my nephew to scare her. She must be angry. Then the measles would come out tonight.”

The father requested Danxi to stay overnight, and gave him food and accommodation. He also wanted to ascertain if Danxi was telling the truth.

After the midnight, the girl had a fever and all rashes came out. Then the girl was healed after days. The girl was very grateful to Danxi and his nephew.

This is a story of how a famous Chinese Doctor helped the measles virus eruption (eruption is how the condition should progress) with a triggering emotion.

The treatment of TSW is actually the opposite. We try to calm the nervous system however we can — it could be through acupuncture, herbs, hypnotherapy, or other ways to bring about a feeling of safety and calm in the body. We try to reduce systemic inflammation. And for sure, we don’t want to be using herbs that help the system detox by intensifying the flare!

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