The First Month of Postpartum Care

The First Week

  • Goals: increase appetite, build blood, move blood
  • Foods: Animal livers (Chinese use pig liver), Soups (e.g. chicken soup, pork soup, fish soup, Chinese barley porridge)
  • Avoid: anything too greasy, oily.

Generally, we are treating the body in convalescence, and are giving it food that helps with recovery. Understand that the body has gone through a body-changing, life-changing process, something huge, akin to a big operation. We don’t want anything too heavy or oily. E.g. your body wouldn’t want that after a strong bout of flu either.

One thing to note is that the liver is rich in vitamin B12. And B12 helps with red blood cell formation, neurological function as well as DNA synthesis. B12 can be gotten from seaweed (which is also rich in iodine) as well as eggs and dairy. The dietary alternative for vegetarians/vegans would be to consume alot of green leafy vegetables, however, it may be wiser to just supplement with sublingual b12.

Therefore, it is important to use soups, that are easy to digest. Soups are also water extractions of the meats in them, as opposed to eating a steak, for example.

The Second Week

  • Goals: increase milk production, strengthen the bones
  • Foods: Pig kidneys, pork knuckles, green papaya, eucommia bark
  • Avoid: ginseng, chives, malt-based food

Generally, we want to help the mother produce more milk. This involves using foods like pig kidneys, pork knuckles (full of collagen), green papaya. We also want to help with strengthening the body system with herbs that include eucommia bark. There are just foods that you avoid like ginseng, chives. And most importantly to avoid anything malt-based, which is antagonist to the production of breast milk. For those having problems with milk supply, who have already tried pumping and fenugreek or other supplements, we do prescribe a formula that builds blood and helps with milk production.

The 3rd and 4th Weeks

  • Goals: Strengthen the body further
  • Foods: Sesame oil chicken, more vegetables, can include prawns and mussels even

We are feeding to further strengthen the body with low calorie, low fat food, avoiding anything too heavy for the digestive system to work through.