Reviews: Pain Management


“Arriving in Singapore on 22nd January 2020, I had terrible pain in my toes in the morning when I got out of bed due to a peripheral neuropathy diagnosed about 20 years ago. At the time, I was told there was nothing could be done about it so I suffered but it became more and more painful. It was like being stabbed with nettles on toes which were very hot and stiff.

On 24th  January I was treated by Mark using acupuncture and when I got up the next day, NO PAIN. I had two more sessions with Mark before coming back to the UK on February 10th.

I have been doing an electro therapy in water baths to try and stimulate the nerve endings, every day at first and now every 5 days. The two treatments have worked amazingly well, and I may go for more acupuncture after the lock down is lifted. Going to see Mark was a great investment. Thank you for all your help.”

– Joan, U.K. (Peripheral Neuropathy)


“Lorsque l’on m’a recommandé le docteur Chern, j’étais tout d’abord sceptique. L’idée que la médecine traditionnelle chinoise puisse fonctionner, pourquoi pas, mais je n’en étais pas convaincue au point d’avoir déjà essayé. Néanmoins, souffrant, depuis deux semaines, d’un blocage horriblement douloureux de tout le côté droit du corps à la suite d’un effort physique trop violent, et ayant essayé, sans succès, divers massages, relâchants musculaires et médicaments anti-douleurs de la médecine occidentale, je me suis dit, qu’après tout, je ne perdais rien à essayer.

A ma plus grande surprise, j’ai été convaincue dès la première visite!

Ce qui d’abord m’a frappée, c’est le professionnalisme et la capacité d’écoute du docteur Chern, son expertise dans les gestes et dans le traitement qu’il m’a proposé, son énergie calmante, et sa communication respectueuse et transparente tout au long de la consultation. Étant un peu inquiète (car peu téméraire !) d’essayer certaines pratiques pour la première fois, je me suis très vite sentie en confiance lorsque le docteur Chern m’a décrit de manière objective, mais rassurante, la manière dont la séance allait se dérouler et la façon dont chaque étape allait m’aider.

Ensuite, j’ai pu constater par moi-même l’efficacité et les bienfaits des thérapies proposées par le docteur Chern. Lors de mes deux sessions, le massage musculaire et l’acupuncture, parmi les techniques utilisées, m’ont procuré un bien-être énorme et instantané. Et malgré mon angoisse d’essayer l’acupuncture pour la première fois, cette technique s’est avérée être sans douleur et extrêmement efficace ! De plus, l’énergie apaisante du docteur Chern m’a donné l’impression qu’il a traité à la fois mon corps et mon esprit.

Enfin, j’ai apprécié l’atmosphère apaisante, propre et zen du centre COMO Shambhala, et j’en suis ressortie, une heure plus tard, complètement détendue, dans un état de sérénité et de légèreté déconcertante.

Depuis ce jour, je recommande spontanément le docteur Chern aux personnes de mon entourage, et je n’hésite pas à revenir le voir en toute confiance.”

– C. Brouck, France (Neck pain)


“After increasing the frequency of my gym training sessions, my butt, hamstrings, calves and ankles became increasingly sore and tight. I went for a deep tissue massage but was unable to fully release the recent contractions. It was only through a single acupuncture session that I found immense release. I recommend acupuncture for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or post exercise syndrome (PES).”

– TJH, Singapore (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, DOMS)


“I contacted Mark Chern prior to my recent move to Singapore in relation to possible acupuncture and craniosacral therapy as I had been having these treatments in Australia. I have a complex connective tissue and neurological condition and find these therapies helpful in managing symptoms and general wellbeing.

I was very impressed with how responsive Mark was with email communication prior to my arrival and taking the time to understand my needs as a client. When we first met, again I found that he really took the time to get to know me both as a person and to understand my needs at a clinical level which is so important and can be hard to find.

I was also very impressed with Mark’s knowledge of TCM and benefited from his calm centre and experienced hands. I felt immediate positive impacts following our first session including pain relief and also a calmness that I had been lacking for some weeks.

Mark also referred me to Fynn, the lymphatic drainage specialist at Soma Clinic. I had not had this kind of therapy before but was open minded and again was extremely impressed by both the therapy and the therapist. Fynn took the time to map my body and understand my lymphatic drainage system, and start to address any problem areas. I saw immediate changes for the better in my body. Fynn was also excellent at explaining how the lymph system works and helped me have further understanding about my condition. She also provided self help tools that I could do at home to improve circulation and general wellbeing which I have been implementing.

I am now having ongoing regular treatment from both therapists and feel incredibly supported and nurtured by them both. I would class both therapists as high-end specialists and highly recommend them to anyone interested in improving their health and wellbeing with tcm. Apart from their expertise and knowledge, it is evident that they care deeply for their clients which is paramount for a fruitful long term client/practitioner relationship and fosters a great level of trust from the client.”

– M.P., Australia (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome treated with TCM, Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy)


“I highly recommend Mark Chern if you are experiencing any body pain or are seeking TCM treatments. I first consulted Mark for pain due to a badly sprained ankle that had rendered me unable to walk unaided. The pain was so excruciating I could not even raise my leg at all.

As an acupuncture virgin, and being quite averse to needles, I was hesitant and anxious to try a treatment. Mark was gentle and reassuring, which helped me overcome my fears. The acupuncture itself took some getting used to and a few areas felt uncomfortable for about a second or two, however it was surprisingly quick and painless. The best part was that the pain in my ankle was halved and I was able to lift my foot a few inches – all after just one session!

I was so blown away that I have had subsequent treatments with him for neck, shoulder and back aches. These sessions have been successful in taking my pains away, and I always find I am more relaxed and sleep better after.

I have been brought up exposed to only western medicine, so TCM is really new and honestly daunting to me. However, I really like how Mark is a different kind of TCM practitioner. He is modern, focuses on natural remedies, and has holistic skills and knowledge that reach beyond the confines of TCM. This has really changed my impression of the field. In my sessions with him, he has used various techniques apart from acupuncture, like deep tissue massage, cupping, heat treatments, sound and energy work. Thanks Mark!”

– D, Singapore (Ankle injury)


“Mark Chern has what I would refer to as magic hands. Reason being my neck and shoulder pains are usually relieved after 1 session. This saves me a lot of time from going back for follows ups which I’m thankful. Not many physicians are able to achieve such results within 1 session. He is thorough in his diagnosis and recommends the best treatment he deemed suitable instead of prolonging the process.

– AYH, Singapore (Cervical Spondylosis, Shoulder Pain)


“I first consulted Dr Mark on 25 Sept 2014 for tsw (Edema, chills, oozing, deep bone itchy skin, pompholyx eczema). Seeing improvements each week.

Was bothered by numbness and striking pain at both of my wrists as diagnosed by National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) as carpal tunnel. Every night sleep was already a torture with tsw yet to add on striking wrists pain that jolt me up to reach out for my strong painkillers.

Shared my concerns with Dr Mark and was advised TCM does pain management too. I was adverse to hearing treatments via acupuncture as I was afraid of needles. However when I run out of option, I gave it a go. Only then I realised that bodywork and acupuncture is very good in relieving the pain.

Dr Mark further diagnosed my wrist as carpal tunnel and de quervain’s tenosynovitis. On my next review back at NNI, doctor confirmed diagnosis of carpal tunnel and de quervain’s tenosynovitis is correct. In NNI perspective, to manage the pain is to wear splints, take pain killers, steroidal injections if not day operations. Other approach doesn’t alleviate the pains. I am glad I took Mark’s advise with the TCM pain management. Resulted in the numbness of cts as well as the pain of de quevains subsiding over the course of 4 weeks. The end consequence apart from the easing of pain and increase of functionality of the hands, was that sleep quality improved, which makes my TSW recovery much easier.

Indeed Chinese herbs and acupuncture can be useful for a huge variety of problems, and sometimes treatment takes longer, but the effects can be quite immediate! I get to leave each session with lightfeel, no pain, no stiffness at my wrists. Feeling very blessed to be in the care of a skilful, experienced, eye for details TCM doctor.”

– DW, Singapore (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quevain’s Tenosynovitis)


“I came for back pain shooting pain from the back to my feet, so painful I couldn’t sleep. Markov worked on my body and gave me acupuncture, reminding me to relax during therapy. The treatment works! After treatment, the pain was gone, Thank you.”

– Ririn, Tabanan, Indonesia (Back and sciatica)


“The treatment I received from Markov was incredible and it really helped me to release and open up an area of my body which had been restricted for many years. Markov is very intuitive and has a strong calming presence. The treatment was given in a focused way with particular attention to the restricted movement in my right shoulder. His touch is very firm and reassuring. I felt extremely soothed and relaxed and I trusted completely in the process taking place. Markov’s knowledge of the body and experience really shows. After the treatment I was able to move my shoulder way passed its usual capacity and for the first time in a long time I felt a huge release, aliveness and openness around the chest and shoulder joint which brought lightness to my being. If you have the opportunity to receive a treatment from Markov I highly recommend it.”

– Roni Miteff, Britain (Shoulder)


“My name is Alex. I am a former athlete with pretty chronic back issues from my running days and shoulder issues from skiing ( I still ski!!) and I had just had a major operation which resulted in me losing ALL of my core functionality and virtually all muscle strength. As a result of this, I had repeated back issues, which slowed my recovery. I was recommended to Mark and thought ‘why not’, as I had never tried Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy before. I was pretty surprised at how Mark’s use of Deep Tissue Massage and Acupuncture relieved the pain and issues I was experiencing with my back.

Mark also used a technique called Visceral Manipulation on my abdominal area, which worked to further alleviate the pain I had in my back.

I found the combination of Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage and the Visceral Manipulation for my shoulder and back pain aided in the my recovery and allowed me to start training again, moving me forward in my goals to fitness and health. I would definitely recommend Mark as a pain therapist and TCM practitioner. He is a very caring professional and goes the extra mile to help his patients. Thanks for everything Mark.”

– Alex McGurk, Scotland (Shoulders, Back)


“Fortes douleur dans le cou et dans le haut du dos.

Passant plus de 10 heures par jour devant l’ordinateur et malgre un massage hebdomadaire et une pratique reguliere de la natation, je ne pouvais pas me debarasser de ces douleurs dans le cou et le haut du dos.

Mark Chern identifie tres vite les zones a traiter et utilise des techniques beaucoup plus efficaces que le massage: acuponcture, cupping, stimulation electrique qui permettent de liberer ces douleurs et d’assouplir les tissus musculaires.

– XGDF, Switzerland (Neck and Upper Back Tightness)


“To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of Mark Chern, acupuncturist. Mark successfully treated me for Meniere’s Disease over a period of approximately 1 year. My symptoms included frequent episodes of severe vertigo (approximately one time per week), loss of balance, persistent nausea, feeling of aural fullness, and constant tinnitus. These symptoms had a sudden onset approximately 3 months prior to my treatment by Mark.

These symptoms were so severe as to seriously damage my ability to work, to participate in family and community activities and my overall quality of life. In the beginning, I received treatment once per week. After 6 months, we agreed to treatments every other week. Approximately 2 weeks after beginning my treatment with Mark, my episodes of vertigo (and the accompanying nausea) ceased, and have not returned. My balance steadily improved, and the feeling of aural fullness disappeared. I continue to have the constant tinnitus, but it has subsided to the point that it does not impair my functioning. I strongly believe that my continued treatment with acupuncture has kept my symptoms at bay. I am very grateful to Mark for the care and professionalism he brought to my treatment.”

– Dennis P. Ferrell, Marriage and Family Therapist
California License # MFC 20514
1225 Oak Street — Red Bluff, CA, 96080 USA


“I was very happy after My Son Made Surya Darma introduced my son to Mr Markov, luckily I was able to meet him and treat the pain I suffered, I was diagnosed with stomach illness inspections and my weight dropped drastically, after I did theraphy by puncture needles by a two-month Markov every Saturday I finally started putting on weight and I am now recovered and is back to normal and be able to work again, so I’ve been able to mengendong [carry] my grandchildren and my energy is recovered.”

– Ketut N. L., Denpasar, Indonesia (Gastritis with diabetes)