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Pompholyx Eczema: Treatment with Chinese Medicine

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Here’s one case of pompholyx eczema being treated with herbs and acupuncture.
Pompholyx eczema is a common dermatitis of the hands, and sometimes of the feet. It is characterized by persistent and recurring blistering itch and desquamation of the skin. While the hope is that steroid medication can bring down inflammation and trigger remission, patients need to know that pompholyx eczema can be successfully treated using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.
Chinese Medicine Can Treat Pompholyx Eczema

Chinese Medicine Can Treat Pompholyx Eczema

“I have had moderate to severe pompholyx all throughout my twenties. After a remission of 2 years, the pompholyx returned, worse than ever (I suspect Topical Steroid Withdrawal had a part to play). It had spread all over the back of my hands. They looked disgusting and awful, and my fingers were so swollen I couldn’t open or close them. I was miserable and life came to a halt because I couldn’t do anything without excruciating pain – not even simple things like washing my hair, brushing my teeth, or eating. 
I have never been one to turn to TCM treatments, but after learning about TSW, I decided to put a stop to steroid usage once and for all, and seek an alternative treatment. At this point, i came across Mark on the internet and decided to give it a shot.
It was the best decision I’ve had ever made.
Within 4 weeks of herbs and 4 acupuncture sessions, I regained use of my hands again. The bleeding, peeling, cracking and blistering were largely gone. The inflammation had receded and I could touch and hold things at last. I am now 6 weeks in and my hands are 80% healed. I no longer need to take herbs, and will have acupuncture just once a month. I can’t be any more grateful to Mark for returning my life to me again –  the ability to hold and touch things with my hands is priceless, and no price is too high to pay for this.
Healing is also an emotional and mental process, and Mark has been there with me every painful step of the way, helped ease my anxieties and worries, and pulled me through the first few weeks of treatment when things were at its worst. Thank you Mark, my hubby calls you 神医 now.”
Acupuncture for Pompholyx Eczema