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Chinese medicine treats Skin Conditions of the Face

By July 22, 2022No Comments

Facial Dermatitis

Facial dermatitis is just a blanket term to denote inflammation of the skin on the face. Most of the patients coming in for facial dermatitis are also coming in with Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW).

Peri-oral Eczema

Peri-oral dermatitis commonly shows up as micro-papular and pustular lesions forming around the mouth and chin area. This type of presentation primarily affects females of childbearing age.

This condition may present together with rosacea (characterized more by flushing and telangiectasia), but should not be confused with acne, because there will not be any black/white heads, nodules, cysts and scarring.

Its presentation is slightly different than facial seborrheic dermatitis (characterized more by a macular, scaly and greasy presentation). Perioral dermatitis responds well to Chinese herbs, and if appearing as part of a facial dermatitis presentation, may also respond well to acupuncture.


Rosacea is a skin order that presents on the face. It is characterized mostly by erythema, telangiectasia and flushing around the cheeks and nose, although these lesions may also appear around the forehead or chin. Rhinophyma is an uncommon variant mostly seen in men, where hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands and soft tissues of the nose is seen, hence its Chinese name “Wine Dregs Nose.”

At our clinic, we treat rosacea with Chinese herbs, although acupuncture can be very helpful when rosacea is accompanied by ocular discomfort, e.g. gritty eyes, blepharitis, dry eyes, etc.


There are so many ways to treat acne, including the use of quality products on the face, antibiotics, changes in lifestyle and diet. The main approach at our clinic is to work by treating the patient’s constitution.