Atopic Dermatitis presenting as Wind in the Four Bends

This is a classic example of atopic dermatitis presenting as Wind in the Four Bends (四弯风). The four bends refers to the flexures of the elbows and knees; wind refers to the initial flare and itch in these areas.

As you would have noticed, the lesions had spread beyond the these flexures, which is common especially if the patient is already using some form of steroid.

In the case of this patient, she had already stopped the application of topical steroids about 6 month ago,, enduring the initial flare. The rebound flare that follows cessation of topical steroid use will often spread the area covered by the lesion.

As you can see, the erythema (redness) has faded way, as has the weepy lesions. What is left is some very mild papuples. For some kind of patients, his type of outcome can be achieved within a few weeks.