Treating Post-dated Pregnancy

While it is preferable not to force an otherwise natural process, induction is worth considering especially for PROM, post-dates or if a medical induction has already been planned. The treatment price will be inclusive of a consultation, acupuncture, heat and microcirculation treatment.

Research by Rabl (2001) showed that acupuncture shortened duration from due date to delivery by almost 3 days. 4 out of 45 women were delivered within 24 hours of their first acupuncture treatment, while no women in the control group delivered within 24 hours of their first examination. In the end, only 20% in the acupuncture group was medically induced, compared to 35% in the control group.

Research by Zeister et a (1998) concluded that one positive effect acupuncture had was in shortening the first stage of labor. In the study, the acupuncture group had a median duration of 196 minutes compared to 321 minutes in the control group.