Mark Chern – Somatic Experiencing

Mark offers Somatic Experiencing sessions at Soma Clinic.

As part of the integrated network of practitioners at Soma Clinic, TCM Mark has a strong interest in the psycho-emotional component of health, has undergone training in Hypnotherapy, Process-oriented Psychology and Somatic Experiencing.

Somatic Experiencing is a form of body psychotherapy founded by Dr. Peter Levine. It works with ‘fight, flight or freeze’ autonomic nervous system responses to stress and trauma, with the therapeutic intention gently emerge from freeze, or to complete an incomplete ‘fight or flight’ response.

In such work, the premise is that the body can sometimes be caught operating within survival physiology. With survival physiology, there is a sense of danger within the body. If the body is experiencing a sense of danger, it may be unable to return to a resting state. Danger signals are sent from the nervous system and endocrine system to the body which can result in emotional dysregulation and physical holding patterns. These danger signals may also cause other signs and symptoms to present or heighten.

The biggest goals of this work are to release physical holding patterns and to provide a clearer space for processing emotions and everyday experience. Mark will work with you to facilitate nervous system discharge through the physical body.

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