Treatment of Eczema in an Integrated Manner

Treatment Approach

In the treatment of eczema, Dr. Mark takes an integrated approach melding both Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with Diet & Nutrition.


Acupuncture is used in two ways to treat skin condition at Soma Clinic.

  1. It is used to regulate the neuro-endocrine system in the body by putting needles in specific points in the body.
  2. It is used to bring down inflammation and this is exceptionally useful when a patient is undergoing a flare.

Patient are asked to first try one session and to see how their body respond. You will know within a session whether or not your body responds well to acupuncture.

Positive outcomes may include:

  1. Reduction in erythema (redness)
  2. Reduction in serous exudate (ooze)
  3. Reduction in pruritis (itch)
  4. Better sleep

Diet & Nutrition:

You cannot ignore good nutrition if you want to treat a skin condition. While herbal medicine and supplements are important, these have limited results if nutrition is not addressed.

In the treatment of eczema with nutrition, you will work with Ben, who is trained in nutrition and has helped himself, as well as others in their journey of healing eczema.

Ben Lee: Diet/Nutrition

Ben will provide guidance with regard to diet & nutrition. He will help you identify foods that commonly trigger eczema. He will ask you to complete a simple food dairy, and go through the possible foods triggers based on clinical studies done on elimination diets for eczema. He will then work with you to introduce anti-inflammatory foods that improve eczema, and discuss low-allergy food options when eating out (yes there are still many food options in Singapore!).

Ben strongly believes that diet and nutrition has to be practical to our daily lives and sustainable for the longer-term, and should not feel restrictive. He will ensure that your diet is personalised based on your lifestyle and food preferences, and is very aware especially of dietary preferences in Singapore. He understands that it can be sometimes uncertain and daunting to have to adjust one’s diet, and will be readily available to support you regularly when you have any questions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Chinese herbal medicine is commonly used in the treatment of eczema. Some patients like to use Chinese herbs, some people prefer not to. Those who respond well to Chinese herbs observe great benefit especially during the acute phase.