How does Acupuncture reduce Leptin Resistance in PCOS Women?

PCOS is also associated with insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia, which is linked to weight gain. Obesity is associated with increased levels of leptin and low leptin sensitivity. Cabioglu et al showed in 2006 that acupuncture and diet restriction increased peripheral beta-endorphin levels while reducing in serum leptin levels, consistent with a significant loss in weight. Clearly, acupuncture with diet restriction was more effective than the diet restriction alone.

You et al  (2005) discovered that high frequency electroacupuncture produced a significant decrease in plasma leptin in obese rats. Whereas Kim et al applied 100 Hz electroacupuncture to ad libitum-fed normal rats and reported a significant increase in plasma leptin levels. These results suggest that electroacupuncture does have an effect in reducing plasma leptin levels.


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