American Board of Reproductive Medicine Training Program in China

The Advanced Oriental Reproductive Medicine Training Program is an intensive two weeks of observations, lectures and discussions. This program is created for Chinese Medicine Reproductive Specialists who already possess all the basics in reproductive medicine and are experienced practitioners. As such, it is exclusive to members of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine ( or members of Clinical Excellence in Fertility Professionals ( The 4th Fellowship Training Program will be in May 2015.

“The Fellowship in Nanjing is an intensive submersion into how Chinese Medicine, with a specific focus on reproductive health & fertility, as practiced in its home country. In daily clinic sessions it is not unheard of to see 60 or more patients per shift.”

Participants will observe the combined use of Western and Chinese medicine to treat both male and female infertility. The aim of the course is not only for participants to have the clinical experience of observing famous Chinese medicine doctors from the best gynecology hospitals in Nanjing, but also be part of a select group to learn more and discuss about how these doctors run their practice.

“The lecture and case discussion sessions were a valuable addition to the clinic observation. These sessions truly made it possible to decoct and extract the most valuable information from the observation sessions.”

“The doctors that were selected are some of the best in the field of Reproductive Medicine/Gynecology so it was very focused on what we see in our daily practices. Clinically, it was incredible to see the way the different doctors created herbal formulas and their theories on how to treat infertility were much more diverse than what we learn here in the States. TCM doctors in China are able to prescribe Western medications as well as herbs so it was invaluable to see how the two were used hand in hand. I learned a lot that I have already started applying in my practice.”

“The learning experience was very intensive. Observing several specialists rather than just one doctor was invaluable to understanding and analyzing the TCM reproductive medicine field as practiced in Nanjing.”

During the Fellowship, participants will be observing three famous doctors, one of whom is a male infertility specialist. Each doctor’s unique style of treatment would offer participants a broad spectrum of knowledge tools they can use back home.

“We benefited greatly from the months of observation that Juliana and Mark spent with the doctors thanks to their skills of analyzing and extracting the doctors’ practice methods and presenting them in a digestible way.”

The aim is that all participants in the China Fellowship will go back home and be representative of ABORM and CEFP’s high academic standards with regards to Integrative Reproductive Medicine and Infertility. Participants will be limited to a total of six. By dividing them into two groups of three, we will be able to ensure that each participant receives sufficient attention.

“In my opinion (and I’m sure others who have completed the Fellowship in Nanjing would agree), the summary notes about each doctor’s style and experience were by themselves worth traveling half way around the world for.”

Each group will be assisted by a translator who will help them understand what is going on in the clinic. In the process, participants will get an idea as to the overall style of the doctors. That said, in between the translating Chinese language and the messy style of patient management in China, it’s not so simple for someone to put together a satisfactory conclusion about what is happening even if they were undergoing clinical observation for much longer.

The difficulty in getting all the information at the clinic is the reason why we have also created preparatory and theory sessions that accompany clinical observations.

This provides much added value to the Fellowship. Participants are aided in adapting to and understanding how Chinese medicine is practiced here. They are also given overviews and insights into the prevailing styles and its variations. It is during these sessions that participants are aided in coming up with relevant summaries they can take back and immediately apply within their clinical practice.

At the end of the Fellowship, each participant would have undergone 20 hours of clinical observation with three great TCM gynecology and reproductive specialists. They would also have attended 8 hours of theory & presentation sessions and invested 2 more hours in written assignments, all of which will help you tie the entire learning experience together in a seamless manner. At the end of this Fellowship, you will have attained at least 30 CEUs for continued education purposes. All participants will receive a certificate for their participation in the Fellowship.